“Reading, we get smarter”

So we’d better read.

In a time of distraction, reading is focusing.

In a time of consumerism, reading is an act of citizenship.

In a time of spin, reading is authentic assertion.

In a time of looming disasters (ecological, economic, social, and political), reading is quite prudent, really.

Picture a drill sergeant right now. And instead of yelling “asses and elbows!,” he’s shouting:

 Brains and eyeballs!” Sit on that sofa! Pour that drink! Read! Read! Read! Are you with us?

People of the book, we hope so! The Gimlet Reader is going to share what we read with you – books, blogs, news articles, and other items of note.

For books, we’re going to review some best-sellers and famous authors, but we also have a commitment to reviewing great authors you may have overlooked. We are supporters of the forgotten “midlist author,” afficianados of small publishers, and don’t mind if a book is fifteen years old and out of print.  If it’s well-written or interesting (and in a genre we like), we’ll share it with you. We hope you’ll tell us what you’re reading, too.

We’ll also be building some substantial lists on our twitter account (@gimletreader) that we hope you’ll check out. We’re fans of small and independent presses, fine magazines, literary journals, and are going to curate some lists of the best bloggers we’ve found.

We’re going to highlight some of the day’s most interesting news items. (Pay attention to the juxtaposition of the headlines.)

We’re also fans of poetry (but don’t worry – knowing our limitations, we aren’t posting our own). And although open minded, we won’t be flacking some dystopian fantasy ebook about vampire robots, unless it’s absolutely ground-breaking. To get an idea of what we like, we’re planning future posts (in no particular order) on Wendell Berry, Etgar Keret, Lorrie Moore, Richard Nash. Anya Ulinich, FS Michaels, Stefanie Zweig, and Zoë Wicomb. A superb little pocket guide we’ve found. JL Carr‘s trip to America. Not-so-big-houses and tiny houses. Some outsider artists we’ve met.  But mostly, the smart, interesting, fun and interesting things a gimlet-eyed reader would like.

Thanks for reading.

JA Cox




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