The Gimme: What to Read this Week, May 31

Gimme Read

ICYMI, News to Read:

The New York Times reports that beleagured Veteran’s Administration chief Erik Shinseki resigns, and many of the comments provide insight. Also resigning, White House press secretary Jay Carney, and Huffington Post’s Katherine Fung posts some of his epic clashes here.

Vigorous gender discussion and commentary continues (#yesallwomen v. #notallmen), precipitated by the upcoming US presidential election and the tragic Isle Vista shooting, which Jessica Valenti connects with misogyny. Following the trend of open letters, Estelle Tang wrote one in the Guardian to her male friends. At the New Inquiry, a must-read, painful and witty essay on how to be an attractively thin woman, Alana Massey’s You’re right, I didn’t Eat That.

Timothy Noah’s New Republic essay, The Immorality of the Hunger Games, adds background to Politico’s report about the feuding narratives of Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday and radio pundit Rush Limbaugh.

On a lighter note, India Today reports that a kid draws on dad’s passport, gets them stuck in S. Korea (via @pourmecoffee)

A Poem:

The Tow Truck Driver’s Story by Elizabeth Garber

An Essay:

Various Horizons: Western Expanses and a Sum of Parts, by Elizabeth Witte, The Common

Books to Check Out:

Precious Bane by Mary Webb (see our post on her strange, gothic life here).

Old Filth by Jane Gardam, reviewed here by Books and Buttons.

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