The Gimlet Reader: Readings, Reviews & Repartee


“Reading, we get smarter”

To paraphrase Susan Sontag, We read — and talk — in order to find out what to think.

People of the book, come read with us! The Gimlet Reader is all about reading:   books, magazines, news. We’re asking, “Did you read this? Did you hear about this?, and exclaiming “isn’t this ______!”

Are you like us? We’re the sort who give you a book for Christmas, and ask if you liked it by New Year’s. We’re sneaking off the resort beach to find the cool library in town. We’re rummaging in bookstalls, enthusiastic about ephemera, going to readings, and asking writers to inscribe our well-worn copies. We buy the hardcover at the independent bookseller, because we’re concerned. We’re news junkies, and our newsfeed is getting longer by the day. We’re word nerds, wood-tile Scrabble sorts, with a fondness for puns, repartee and debate.

We’re fans of publishers who stand for art. We’re afficionados of small and independent presses, cultural magazines, literary journals, libraries and thoughtful book bloggers. We think professors should get tenure, writers should get reviews, and poetry should get memorized. We think that reading is the foundational act of building a civil civilization. Our goal is to share interesting reading with you.

We hope you’ll read with us.

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