Battle of the Book Titans, con’t.


A few weeks ago, at the height of the Amazon-Hachette kerfuffle, we offered our perspective:  namely, that there were no angels here, and that rabid defense of either party was a bit misguided. Traditional publishing (represented by Hachette) and Amazon have been incredibly beneficial for some. They’ve also made things quite difficult for others. The mistake, to our way of thinking, is that while the current  rearrangement of deck chairs in the publishing industry will definitely have fallout – and perhaps a different set of winners and losers – the tendency to see either party as more moral is probably a function of where one falls on the beneficiary-victim continuum. But that might be cynical. And yet, sharing a similar perspective is J.E. Fishman, who recently wrote this article for The Weeklings:  The Book War that Authors Already Lost.

To follow is his conclusion. (If you are offended by invective, shield your eyes, gentle readers):

 Which brings me, at long last, to all of the pixels that have been excited by authors weighing in about the skirmish between Amazon and Hachette. Listen, people, for the last time: Nobody asked you, nobody plans to ask you, and furthermore, you’re not qualified to have an opinion about the future of the book business just because you write books. So just shut up and be grateful for your 25 percent of nothing and get back to writing. Vous sale…du dumm…you motherfucking wankers.

Remember: The pseudo-American book business knows what it’s doing. And if you’re an author, this business has less and less to do with you.


And to reiterate, here’s the publishing story you should have followed.


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